We believe that people were intended for relationship. Relationship with God, but also with each other. Church is a place you can be known and loved by other believers, in a place you feel at home. At Reality Church London, we desire to be that place for you. In addition to gathering on Sundays, here are some ways you can be involved. 



Our Community Groups & Bible Studies are a place where you can belong to a local community, get to know others and journey as a follower of Jesus.


Jesus instructs us to serve him and others. Joining a Serving Team on Sundays is a simple and practical way you can love others and follow Jesus.



As Christians, we give because of the grace God has given us. It is not from compulsion, but we cheerfully give what God has placed on our hearts.


Through the year we have many events and updates we’d love you to know about. Signing up to our weekly newsletter will ensure you don’t miss out.