The church is a community where everyone is welcomed as they are. It is not a club or a clique built on what we have (or haven’t) accomplished. Rather, the church is built upon what Jesus has accomplished. It is through the finished work of Jesus that we are given new life and brought into a new community with a shared mission. Belonging to a church begins by putting our faith in Christ, and so we seek to begin Reality Church London by building relationships centered on Jesus. 

As a new church in London, we envision the church-planting process taking place in four stages. The first stage is to start building relationships focused on reaching people with the good news of Jesus, while also connecting with Christians who are prayerfully considering involvement in this new church plant.

The second stage is to begin regular prayer meetings in central London. We believe that if anything of significance in God’s kingdom is going to happen in any city, it must begin in prayer.

Through these initial gatherings, the hope is for community to grow stronger, vision to become clearer, and love for the city to become greater. When that happens, the plan is to shift into the third stage of the process by holding Vision and Values Meetings. These gatherings will consist of laying out the biblical foundation for the church and what it will mean to belong to it.

Finally, in the fourth stage, as a shared sense of mission has grown among this core community, a Sunday service will be launched. Through these church gatherings, we expect to meet with God by worshipping, studying, praying, giving, serving, and reaching London as a community. Together, we hope to be surprised, healed, challenged and changed. 

Prayer meetings begin Spring 2016; more info coming soon

Vision + Values gatherings begin Summer 2016

Please contact us if you’d like to be involved in starting this church

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