Internship Programme

Ephesians 4:12 tells us one of the responsibilities of the church is to “Equip the saints for the work of the ministry.” Reality Church London is committed to raising up new leaders and one of the intentional ways we pursue this is through our Internship Programme.

Our Internship Programme is an opportunity to grow in your leadership, calling and intimacy with Jesus. You will be stretched, challenged & encouraged - emotionally and spiritually - and we firmly believe when people step out in faith, Jesus moves through them.

Internship purpose

The program is designed to equip you and help you grow in three areas of the Christian life:

  • To help you know what you believe and why

  • To help you discern and develop your gifts

  • To help you engage your city with the gospel

What it looks like

The Internship is a 9-month programme starting in September 2019. It can be adapted according to your availability to be a little as five hours a week or as much as five days.

You will be given a primary ministry area to serve in, but will experience local church ministry in a variety of contexts. Your time will be split between 2 focuses: learning and development through a weekly class, some light homework and meetings with leaders and peers; and growth and experience through service in your primary ministry area, which we hope will suit both your gifts, and the church's needs.

To learn more, please read the Internship Handbook + Syllabus HERE


Apply for the Reality Church London Internship 2019-2020 by completing the form below.

Please submit your applications by 19th July, 2019

Application Form:

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1. The 2019/20 Intern programme will run for nine months from September 2019 to June 2020. 2. Interns come to Reality Church London as volunteers rather than employees and the relationship between the church and the Intern is one of mutual trust rather than contract. 3. Interns will not be charged for the Internship nor will they receive financial support from Reality Church London. 4. It is the Interns responsibility to sustain themselves financially throughout the year (e.g. via support or part-time employment). 5. If not an EU resident the intern will need to be in possession of any necessary work permits before application. International applicants without visa's will not be considered. 6. Interns will be expected to live within easy travelling distance from the church. 7. Interns will be expected to be fully committed to Reality Church London and the Leadership team for the duration of the Internship. 8. The church work will involve varied daytime, evening and weekend hours. 9. Interns will be encouraged to take 20 days holiday (or equivalent hours) during their Internship plus Public Holidays. 10. All successful applicants will be subject to a DBS check and safer recruitment process, and be required to sign the Intern Volunteer agreement & Code of Conduct.