When Jesus called His followers to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19), He made no distinctions based on gender, race, culture, or age. The church is called to make disciples of everyone, including 12 to 18-year-olds.

RLA Youth seeks to encourage junior high and high school students in their knowledge of the gospel and in their relationship with God through local, weekly discipleship and casual, yet intentional, Sunday Youth Connects.

Sunday Youth Connects

11AM – 12PM HBHS Cafeteria

Every Sunday, RLA Youth invites students into a safe place where they can connect with one another and be challenged by the gospel. Sunday Youth Connects don’t replace involvement in Reality LA Sunday gatherings; rather, these meetings serve as a unique opportunity to ask questions and build friendships.

Note on parking: generally, we encourage all Sunday attendees to park in the St. Andrews lot. However, if your family needs to park in the Helen Bernstein parking structure, please be aware that 9AM attendees must move their cars by 11:30AM, and 12PM attendees cannot enter the structure before 11:30AM. Click here for important details on Sunday parking and transportation.

Weekly Discipleship

During the week, RLA Youth leaders seek to be involved in students’ lives as organically as possible. We do this by hanging out with students, building relationships with them, and helping them grow as followers of Christ.

When students show interest in weekly discipleship, they’re matched with leaders who live in their region. Instead of one-on-one discipleship, our leaders aim to form discipleship groups of two or three students of their same gender. For example, a male leader meets with a group of two or three male students. All students must receive permission from a parent or legal guardian before joining a discipleship group. For more information on local, weekly discipleship, please email youth@realityla.com.


Discipling students is an important part of Reality LA’s mission, and central to that mission are committed, mature leaders. Because we want students to know Jesus and follow Him, leaders must faithfully represent Christ in their words and behavior. In effect, we as leaders want to show students what it looks like to live lives transformed by the gospel.

If you’re interested in volunteering as an RLA Youth leader, please fill out the Reality LA Volunteer Form and mark “RLA Youth” as your area of interest.

If you’re the parent or legal guardian of a middle or high school student, you can stay connected with this ministry by joining the RLA Youth group on The City.