The Healing of Bitterness | Ruth 1:7-22

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Sometimes life can become bitter. But how can we avoid becoming bitter? How can we face adversity in a way that does not destroy us but transforms us? As we continue our series through the Book of Ruth, we explore how the gospel heals resentment in our lives.

The Power of Kindness | Ruth 1:6-18

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Why would an ancient story of kindness matter to the current issues we are facing today? What is it about the Bible's description of kindness that makes it so essential? As we continue our new series through the Book of Ruth, we discover the power of kindness and how the gospel produces it in our lives.

The Journey Toward Hope | Ruth 1:1-7

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In times of uncertainty, confusion and doubt, where do we look to make sense of it all? Where do we find direction? Where can we find hope? 

On the surface, the Book of Ruth is a story of courage against the odds, kindness amid chaos, generosity in a time of scarcity. Beyond this is a story of faith, how one woman finds her hope and healing in the bigger story of God. And her life becomes our lesson, showing us how we can find our place in God's story and what happens in us and through us when we do.

You Are Set Free by the Spirit | Galatians 5:13-16


What does it mean to be free? What is true freedom? And how can we know and experience it? We discover in the letter of Galatians how the Bible defines freedom and how the good news about Jesus brings it about in our lives.

You Are Led by the Spirit | Acts 13:1-4


How do we find guidance in life? What determines your decisions? According to the Bible, we are neither the captain of our souls nor a captive to our circumstances. We're guided by a good God.

Your Are Gifted by the Spirit | Ephesians 4:4-16

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In a city like London, many people are assessed and valued by how talented and gifted they are. But the Christian understanding of giftedness is radically different. It is also wonderfully liberating.

In Ephesians 4:4-16 we seek to understand what the Bible says about spiritual gifts and why they are unique, essential and completely connected to the good news of Jesus.

You Are Mentored by the Spirit | John 16:5-15


The Christian life can sometimes sound like it's all about memorising information, monitoring our behaviour and making sure we busy ourselves with church activities. But Christianity is not merely about adopting particular practices. It's about knowing and experiencing the dynamic and personal presence of God. If we find ourselves being burned out, weary and joy-less, there is good news for us. This empowering presence is exactly what Jesus promised to everyone who trusts in him.