What Will Become of Us? | Esther 7


Living as a citizen of God's kingdom means to live out of a brand new identity. How does that shape our desires, and change where we end up in life?

As we continue our series on Identity through the Book of Esther, we uncover who we are and how our new identity in Jesus changes everything.

The Surprising Importance of Humility | Esther 6


Humility is perhaps one of the most undervalued and misunderstood virtues, and yet the Bible says it is both essential and incredibly powerful.

What is humility and how does learning of it bring healing to our lives? In Esther 6 we find examples of both the danger of pride and the power of humility.

Faith for This Moment | Esther 4:1-17


What can times of uncertainty reveal about us? And what do they require from us?

Esther 4 shows us how faith is essential for us to navigate our complex cultural moment with honesty and hope.

When Opposition Arises | Esther 3:5-15


When adversity comes to our lives, where can we find the strength to endure it? More than that, how can we face opposition in a way that doesn't destroy us but transforms us?

The book of Esther shows us where we can find strength in the midst of opposition.

A Counter-Cultural Life | Esther 2:12 - 3:5

How does Christian faith produce a counter-cultural life? And what are the risks and opportunities that go with this kind of life?

We explore how Jesus enables us to live distinct lives in a disconnected world through our study in the Book of Esther.

The Spirit of Adoption | Krish Kandiah

The Spirit of Adoption.001.jpeg

Love and acceptance are what humans long for most in this world. How is this great need met in a relationship with God through Jesus? And how does this relationship transform the way we view others with this need?

From Galatians 4:1-7, Krish Kandiah, founder of UK Charity “Home for Good”, shows us how the spirit of adoption is at the heart of the gospel.

The Divided Self | Esther 2:1-12


In the search for identity, where should we look? And where must we avoid looking? In Esther 2:1-12 we explore what the Bible says about the true self, the false self and the struggle between the two.

Life in a Disconnected World | Esther 1


On the surface, the Story of Esther is the ancient story of how an entire people are spared from genocide through the courage of one woman. And beneath the surface, we find profound lessons for us all.
Within this story of sex, money and power we learn of awakened faith, re-discovered identity and incredible risk for the sake of what is right. This story teaches us how faith shapes who we are and how we are to live in hope even when it seems that God is hidden. 

In Esther chapter 1 we begin our journey through this powerful story in a new series called Identity in Exile.

In London as It Is in Heaven | We Are a Sent Community

In London as In Heaven.001.jpeg

We all long for friendship and community, and yet there is a rise in individualism and isolation within our culture. In what way does Jesus transform our idea of community? And why is the church community so essential for our lives?  

We learn what it means to be a community following Jesus from Acts 13:1-12.

In London as It Is in Heaven | Why Pray?

In London as In Heaven.001.jpeg

Why is it so important to keep on praying? And what can we expect to happen when we do?

We conclude our summer series on prayer by listening to what Jesus has to say about the power of persistent prayer.