Who We Influence | Matthew 28

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Whether we realise it or not, our lives influence and impact the lives of others. The question is, how are we using our influence? According to the Bible, a disciple of Jesus helps other people to follow Jesus. The gospel both influences us and empowers us to influence others.

Who We Follow | Mark 3:7-9

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Who is the most significant influence in your life? And how are you influencing the people who watch your life? Every one of us follows someone or something to give us meaning and purpose; the only question is who or what are you following? The answer to this will shape your identity, your character and your future.

Emotional Wisdom | Proverbs 29, Matthew 26:38-39

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Our relationship with emotions is complicated. On the one hand, some of us seem to be masters over our emotions, careful not to wear our passions on our sleeves. On the other hand, some of us can seem controlled by our emotions, assuming that our feelings alone guide us in life.

How does faith enable us to understand our emotional life? And why is this understanding a crucial part of Christian growth?

Pride Versus Humility | Proverbs 16:18

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Humility is perhaps one of the most undervalued virtues, while pride is one of our most underestimated enemies. How does the gospel cultivate humility and kill off pride in our lives?

What Makes Friendships Work | Proverbs 27

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What makes friendships so important to the direction our lives take? And how are good friendships made and maintained?

The Book of Proverbs transforms our ideas about friendships by grounding them in relationship with God.