Topsy-Turvy Justice | Mark 14:53-72

Why should an object of ancient rejection and death become the symbol of Christian faith? How can there be triumph in the tragedy of crucifixion of Jesus? What is it's meaning for us and why is it so important?

Why the Future Matters Now | Mark 13

Jesus not only came in history past but said he would come again in the future. What does this mean for the world? What does this mean for us?

Our Giving Tells a Story | Mark 12:35-44

What does generosity say about our interior lives? Why does the Bible talk about it so much and why should we listen? In Mark 12 we explore the surprising way Jesus addresses a life of giving. 

Questioning Jesus | Mark 12:1-34

How would Jesus answer my cultural, spiritual and moral questions? Where should one stand on these issues? In Mark 12 we explore how Jesus responds to the questions of the day what his answers mean for us now. 

The Surprising Character of Jesus | Mark 11

Why do people - both religious and irreligious- tend to be selective when it comes to Jesus? Why highlight some of his traits and downplay others? Mark 11 reveals how getting Jesus right is not only essential for salvation but also for our growth.

Why We Need Jesus | Mark 10:32-52

Though we may have many questions for God, it may surprise us to discover that he has questions for us. And answers. In Mark 10 we see a specific and powerful question of Jesus about our desires and how it reveals a need that he alone can provide.

The Most Important Thing | Mark 10:17-31

What is the most important thing to us? What is the most important thing about us? In Mark 10:17-31 we explore how the way we address these questions reveals not only how we view ourselves but also how we view God and our ultimate destiny.

Marriage, Commitment and the Way of Jesus | Mark 10:1-16

In a world of broken commitments and relationships, how can we find a way forward? Discover how the way of Jesus transforms our approach to issues such as marriage, family and even how we relate to God himself.