Confessions | You Can Change | Psalm 130

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Though many long to see a change in the world around us, what kind of change needs to take place within us? And how does the good news of Jesus bring about this change? Psalm 130 not only reveals our need for change, but also how God brings it about in a powerful way.

Confessions | A Purpose for Every Season | Psalm 126

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Just as the weather has seasons, so does life. But what is God's purpose for each season? And how do we learn to live rightly through the good times as well as the bad? Psalm 126 teaches us how to respond to God in every season of life.

Confessions | The Freedom of Forgiveness | Psalm 32


Some might think that to be a Christian means walking around with guilt all the time. Though this is a misperception, isn't it true that guilt is pursuing everyone in some way? Where can we all find freedom? 

From Psalm 32 we discover the freeing power of forgiveness.

Confessions | How Can I Face My Fears? | Psalm 27


What does it take to grow stronger in the midst of struggle? How can we face our fears in a way that does not crush us but transforms us?

In Psalm 27 we discover how a relationship with God enables us to face anything in life.

Confessions | How Can I Relate To God? | Psalm 19


How can I know that my understanding of God isn't just coming from my imagination? And if God is real, how can I relate to him?

Andrew Baughen shows us in Psalm 19 how God reveals himself and relates to us.

Confessions | How Should I View Myself? | Psalm 8

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How can we know if we are settling for a cheap imitation of our true purpose in life or building on the real thing? Where do we find our identity and sense of self?

Through Psalm 8 we look at how the way we view ourselves, the world and God can be transformed.

Confessions | Where Can I Find Rest? | Psalm 4

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Many view the practice of confession as unnecessary for the modern world. But what if radical honesty is what we long for and need? What if confession is the beginning of freedom?

In Psalm 4 we discover how scripture helps us navigate the experience of fear and restlessness with both honesty and hope by pointing us to the good news of God.