A Culture of Grace | Belonging


In a time of ever-increasing tension between religious and non-religious cultures, the new testament book of James provides a radically different vision of how we live our lives. A vision which enables us to both celebrate the dignity of humanity while identifying with its brokenness, to be bold in speaking the truth but also humble in being the first to listen, to challenge the idols of a city while compassionately caring for it. James 1:1

This is the counter-culture of grace which flows forth from the good news about Jesus Christ. 

True Spirituality | Acts 1:1-11


More and more people in society are identifying as being spiritual but not religious. But what is true spirituality? In Acts 1:1-11 we explore what Scripture teaches about the Holy Spirit and why it matters to our everyday lives.

Confessions: How Can I Find Rest? | Psalm 23

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Whether you have been a Christian for your entire life, or have never stepped foot into a church, you will likely still have heard Psalm 23. This passage has had a widespread impact on humanity as it speaks of the comfort that we all desperately want and need for our lives.

Daniel Macleod from Trinity Church London shares with us about the peace offered in Psalm 23.

Easter: The Day That Changes Everything | Matthew 28:1-10


The Resurrection of Jesus is the most pivotal event in human history. It not only changed the lives of those in the first century AD, but the story of Jesus' death and resurrection continues to transform lives even today. Discover with us how the empty tomb still offers hope, freedom, and new life in the world we live in today.

Confessions | You Can Change | Psalm 130

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Though many long to see a change in the world around us, what kind of change needs to take place within us? And how does the good news of Jesus bring about this change? Psalm 130 not only reveals our need for change, but also how God brings it about in a powerful way.

Confessions | A Purpose for Every Season | Psalm 126

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Just as the weather has seasons, so does life. But what is God's purpose for each season? And how do we learn to live rightly through the good times as well as the bad? Psalm 126 teaches us how to respond to God in every season of life.

Confessions | The Freedom of Forgiveness | Psalm 32


Some might think that to be a Christian means walking around with guilt all the time. Though this is a misperception, isn't it true that guilt is pursuing everyone in some way? Where can we all find freedom? 

From Psalm 32 we discover the freeing power of forgiveness.