A Culture of Grace | Healing Our Conflict

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Life is full of conflict. But why does it happen? And how should we approach it when it does? In James 4:1-12 we find a surprising and healing answer to our conflicts. 

A Culture of Grace | The Wisdom We Need

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Wisdom isn’t merely about making good choices; it’s about who we become over time and what matters most. We learn from James 3:13-18 how to avoid the false wisdom that destroys us and where to find true wisdom which transforms us.

A Culture of Grace | Your Words Matter

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Why are words so powerful? And how can we ensure that their impact is helpful, not harmful? In James 3:1-12 we discover how God’s word transforms our words.

A Culture of Grace | How Faith Works

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Most religions talk about faith, but often in very different ways. What makes Christianity so unique? How does the Bible define faith and why is it of such great importance? Looking into James 2:14-26, we find what it truly means to have faith. 

A Culture of Grace | The End of Partiality

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Favouritism and partiality can easily appear in our attitudes and affect not only small communities but entire groups. Why is this dangerous and what can expose and replace it?

James 2:1-13 reveals how the grace of God wonderfully changes the way we view ourselves and others.

The Suffering Servant | Isaiah 42:1-9

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How does the grace of God in our lives enable us to strengthen other people? John Wyatt shares with us some insight from Isaiah 42.

John is a respected theologian, author and Professor of Ethics and Perinatology at University College London.

A Culture of Grace | Let Your Life Speak

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From the book of James 1:19-27, we discover how a right relationship with God frees us from the temptation of hypocrisy and enables us to live with freedom in light of the truth of the Gospel.

A Culture of Grace | Reordered Love

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How do the desires of our lives shape the direction of our lives? What does the Bible say about how we discern the longings within our hearts? We learn from James 1:13-18 how the gospel redirects our lives by reordering our desires.

A Culture of Grace | Crafting Character

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How does grace enable us to face trials in a way that doesn't set us back but transforms our character? In James 1:2-12 we discover how the gospel changes us from the inside-out.

A Culture of Grace | Belonging


In a time of ever-increasing tension between religious and non-religious cultures, the new testament book of James provides a radically different vision of how we live our lives. A vision which enables us to both celebrate the dignity of humanity while identifying with its brokenness, to be bold in speaking the truth but also humble in being the first to listen, to challenge the idols of a city while compassionately caring for it. James 1:1

This is the counter-culture of grace which flows forth from the good news about Jesus Christ.